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VolSignals Jul'24 VIP Mentorship 🥂

Advanced SPX Order Flow & Market Structure

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Group opens 7/17

Registration CLOSES 7/31

The VolSignals Objective→
Teach you clearly how market structure & positioning mix with systematic futures & volatility flows to create predictable price behavior.

Our core thesis... and the backbone of your course:

"Flows & positions drive price & volatility"

We drill this message repeatedly to stay authentic and purposeful.

I'm not kidding when I say this theme is the most valuable takeaway from my career in index derivatives.

I'm also not here to change minds. I want traders who already scoff when they hear "random" & "walk" together in a sentence.

Life is neither efficient, random, nor sterile. And believe me when I tell you... markets are no exception.

...if you feel like this reading our regular threads on what's "moving markets"👇

—you might just be one of us. #VolSignals 🥂





By the end of your Mentorship, you will→

  • Understand clearly how flows & positions drive index price & volatility / you'll intuitively grasp the mechanisms enforcing this 
  • Understand flows from CTAs, Vol Control & Risk Parity funds — and incorporate their signals & predicted flows into your trading setups.
  • Learn how 0DTE options are (and are not) impacting the current market... and understand *how* these instruments may eventually cause systemic risk.
  • Master 0DTE trading by using TRUE dealer gamma and charm metrics, and using the right strategies for each moment.
  • Know *which* index options positions to track / which flows to follow — & why.
  • Learn to "GO WITH THE FLOW" and calibrate your trading style dynamically to the seasonal and structural elements dominating the market *AT THE TIME*
  • Know first-hand (observing / tracking actual flows) how systematic short vol ETFs and Hedge Funds operate (what, when, and how much they sell)
  • Understand the true SPX Dealer/MM option position & why sometimes it can be wildly different than the GEX profiles from top providers.
  • Navigate the major index markets using a "flow of funds" lens - popularized by McElligott & Rubner's stylized approach
  • Exclusive and surprising option market insights... drawn from 20 years spent handling, tracking and profiling millions of SPX options trades
  • Master what I call "consilience trading" - trade smart by making bigger convex directional bets—when all major flows are "SAME WAY" - this is the holy grail approach to discretionary trading 🍻