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Leave your theory behind, as you learn what dealer hedging actually means... in practice- from someone who spent their career doing it.

Take a close look under the hood at all of the *massive* structural and systematic option flows that make up the true dealer position.

See in real-time how order flow & dealer positioning combine to create predictable outcomes in price and volatility.

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master SPX order flow

  • 0DTE order flow. Massive volumes from very different sources combine with dealer behavior to create predictable opportunities.
  • thetagangmafia. Go behind the scenes & watch the largest short-term VOL sellers in action.⚙️
  • Covered calls. Learn through dissecting actual order flow, how the biggest overwriters in the industry execute trades & manage positions.
  • Giant 🐳 Put Spread collar(s). Drill down into market-impact at trade, and beyond.  (JHEQX / JPM is just the tip of the iceberg..)
  • Spot market-movers 👀... Learn to tell the difference between volatility/hedging & massive directional speculation - Follow the *right* trades at the *right* time.

understand dealer hedging

  • Greeks & dealer hedging. Learn from a pro how market makers hedge and trade around their options positions - from delta & gamma to vanna & charm.
  • Impact on market. Discover how this hedging flow is "predictable" in ways that create patterns and pins which you can lean on to improve your trading PNL.
  • Gamma Exposure (GEX). Cut through the public-facing BS and learn the truth about dealer gamma exposure (GEX).
  • Spot-Up / Vol-Up. Discover exactly what kinds of market positions create this historically uncommon (but increasingly relevant) dynamic in the volatility markets.

improve your trading

  • Trade construction. Get more creative with your options trading by walking through options strategies and trade management with our experienced derivatives lead.
  • Watch the best. Discover and piggyback the best-practices of the top derivatives desks in the world. Put their experience to work for you (without the management fees...)
  • Trade like the "house". All these massive option flows collide with dealer hedging behavior in semi-predictable ways. 
  • Make money trading "events". We share some of our best performing $etups, along with *why* they work so frequently — & why they go unnoticed.
  • Your size is an advantage. In these waters, it's better to be a small fish than a big whale. Come learn why...

Course Objective 

Improve Trading Outcomes by Taking Advantage of Market Structure, Systematic Flows and Index Options Positioning.


  • Introduction
    VolSignals - Introduction
    Leveraging Market Structure and Mechanics to Improve Trading Outcomes
    What is "Consilience?"
    Overview of Course Material + Resources
  • Structural Factors & Systematic Flows
    Structural Factors
    Systematic Strategies (Positioning & Flow)
    Related Concepts
  • SPX Options & Volatility: Critical Concepts
    Introduction to Greeks
    Terminology & Commonly Used Metrics
    Think Like a Market Maker: Options Spreads & Strategies
    Dealer (Market Maker) Hedging Behavior
  • SPX Options Order Flow: Overview
    High Level Framework / Types of Flows
    Structural Patterns in Class, Delta & Tenor/Term
  • SPX Option Order Flow: ODTE
    Unique Considerations / Market Impacts Order Flow: Trends, Patterns, and Imbalances
    Systemic Risk?
  • SPX Option Order Flow: Systematic Short Vol (Short-term)
    Overview & Defining Characteristics Evolution of Short Vol Option Flows
    Deep Dive - Actual Flows & Positions
  • SPX Option Order Flow: Traditional Overwrite Supply (30DTE)
    Overview & Defining Characteristics Differences in Management Styles
    Deep Dive - Actual Flows & Positions
  • SPX Option Order Flow: Structural Hedging & Longer Tenors
    Overview & Defining Characteristics
    Collars & Risk Reversals - JPM Collar Deep Dive
    Persistent Tail Hedging Strategies
    Longer Dated Order Flow / Structured Product Pass-through
  • SPX Option Positioning
    Dealer Option / Gamma Profiles (GEX) |
    Constructing the True Dealer Book - VolSignals' GEX Overlay (Optional Module)
    What Do We Do with This Information?
    Drawing Conclusions from Longer Dated Positions
    Bringing VIX / VIX Positioning into the Picture
  • Constructing a Trading Framework
    "Consilience Trading" = Alignment
    Identifying Optimal Trade Setups Optimal Options Strategy Selection - Selection Criteria
    Tips, Tricks & Strategies from My Time in the Trenches...
    Case Studies, Walk-throughs

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