Options Theory Through the Lens of a Market Maker

Each quarter, I'm taking one of *the* options texts and breaking it down with chapter-by-chapter videos, and anecdotes from the front-lines.

This isn't your average book club— this is options theory, filtered through years of real-world experience. Where theory meets reality. 


What you're getting:

✅ Daily video lessons unpacking a chapter or concept

✅ Real trading floor anecdotes bring the theory to life

✅ Clear explanations cut through academic noise

Stories showing how each concept is relevant (or not)

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The Text: Option Volatility & Pricing 
by Sheldon Natenberg


Master the Art and Science of Options Trading and unlock the power of the bestselling text that's is often the first book that new professional traders are given to learn the trading strategies and risk management techniques required for success in option markets..

Why this course is essential:

  • Learn from the definitive text in options trading
  • Gain insights used by top firms worldwide
  • Develop advanced strategies used by professional traders

What you'll master:

  • Foundations of option theory
  • Dynamic hedging
  • Volatility and directional trading strategies
  • Risk analysis and position management
  • Stock index futures and options
  • Volatility contracts

You'll walk away knowing:

  • How to approach markets like a pro
  • How to create strategies with the highest chance of success
  • How to fully understand pricing models

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your trading skills with the same resource used to train new professional traders at leading firms globally.

Meet Your Instructor: The Market-Maker Maker

Your guide through the complex world of options trading is a seasoned professional with decades of experience as a market maker and trainer. This isn't just another course - it's a rare opportunity to learn from someone who's:

  • Traded through every market scenario imaginable
  • Managed just about every position 😬
  • Built & run trader trainee programs that'd make your head spin 🤯

What sets me apart? Glad you asked:

  1. Real-world expertise: From the trading floor to mentoring the next generation of market makers, your instructor brings unparalleled practical knowledge.
  2. Innovative teaching approach: Using a unique blend of humor, storytelling, and cutting-edge instructional techniques to make complex concepts accessible and memorable.
  3. Focus on what matters: Learn to grasp key relationships and magnitudes rather than getting lost in unnecessary precision.
  4. Proven track record: Successfully trained some of the brightest minds in the industry, helping them navigate from theory to profitable practice.
  5. Passion for continuous learning: Despite years in the field, your instructor maintains the enthusiasm of a newcomer, constantly seeking new ways to explain and explore trading concepts.


Join and get insights that'll keep you up at night (in a good way). This is your shot to learn from someone who doesn't just talk the talk, but walks the walk, dreams the dream, and trades the trade.

Ready to level up? Let's turn you into a options trading beast. Your "lotto" trade's about to win big...🥂

We'll cover it all, including:

🎯 Fundamentals of financial contracts & forwards

🎯 Intro to theoretical options pricing models

🎯 In-depth exploration of Volatility, Skew & Greeks

🎯 Risk measurement & dynamic hedging strategies

🎯 Practical spreading techniques & synthetic positions

🎯 ...and more!


What you're going to get:

🥂 Cover-to-cover walkthrough of the entire book through the eyes of a Market Maker

🥂 Your own hardcover copy of "Option Volatility & Pricing" with *my* personal annotations**

🥂 Workbook to help you master the material

🥂 VolSignals' Bookmarks: Amusing and educational anecdotes from the real world 🍻

🥂 Exclusive community of VolStudents just like you 

🥂 Access it all on your VolSignals App!

**BONUS for the inaugural class 


Just like college— but useful (and much cheaper!)🥂

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