Options move markets

Discover how with Dealer Hedging Dynamics- our 5 Day Boot Camp

The Real Deal

Books are a dime a dozen. Theory's for the birds.

Learn from someone who made your markets.

Because no amount of studying or literature can ever come close to 40,000 hours of experience.

Intuitive— not theoretical

Master the 3 KEY Greeks-
Gamma, Charm, and Vanna.

Match these mechanics with dealer positioning- and see the market's most likely move...

before it happens.

My promise is to not waste your time with confusing jargon or things that will not make you money.

Learn how to trade it, too

Need help identifying entries and structuring trades?

No problem.

I'll walk you through an array of actual scenarios-

You'll have all the tools and strategies you need to make the right trade at the right time.

It should be no surprise that an experienced MM is able to really provide the nuance and needed detail to elevate these concepts to retail traders, many of whom are already experienced in these topics. I've been using gamma structures and skew for a long time, but the extra perspective helped really attach a granularity that I was missing. VolSignals has been incredibly generous with his time and Q&As, and he's also been very accepting of feedback to iterate through the product.
The Bootcamp was an incredible bridge between the noise on 'gamma levels" and the meaning behind what the levels really are and how to actionably trade them.
Carson's perspective as a MM is by far the most insight you are going to find on the subject!
My understanding of complex concepts like gamma, vanna, and charm greatly improved after learning about them in a course. The terms were explained exceptionally well, making them easy to grasp and apply in real-world scenarios. Thanks to this course, I now feel confident navigating the intricacies of options trading strategies. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to deepen their knowledge and proficiency in derivatives trading.

Over just 5 Days you will:

  • Understand gamma, charm, and vanna intuitively
  • Incorporate positioning data into your plan
  • Predict the market's behavior
  • Set up optimal trades
  • Maximize gains

All proven and actionable.

No complex math, jargon, or theoretical BS.

You'll learn:

(1) How it all works and

(2) How to leverage this newfound insight into more dollars in your trading account

...straight from a career market maker.

I've spent tens of thousands of hours:

  • Trading index derivatives on the floor, screen & "upstairs"
  • Managing large, complex options positions
  • Training new and experienced traders
  • Building and updating systems
  • Leading trading teams

...and watching the market evolve.

New material drops daily.

Videos, readings & infographics are deployed strategically to move you quickly from concept to execution.

Never miss a lesson. Videos are on-demand, and your live Q&A is recorded & uploaded to your course.